-Kids Embracing Hope is featured on page 28 of the new issue of Los Gatos Magazine! Click image to link:

-Hopelessly Romantic posted a video of Trish talking about Cowgirlz Surf and Kids Embracing Hope:

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-Trish talking about Cowgirlz Surf and Kids Embracing Hope on Pen TV:

http://vimeo. com/101419462

-Cowgirlz Surf Summer Photo Shoot 2014

Hopelessly Romantic Magazine Team
Art Director: Victoria Napolitano
Photography: Dave Storton & Ryan Lazalier
Models: Jordan, Adria, & Lynne
Hair: Shayn Guenther
Make-up: Tiffanny Mendoza Reed
Sponsored by: Cowgirlz Surf-Trish O’Neill

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=jJfDsQ5N6pM&feature=share

-Cowgirlz Surf founder Trish O’Neill is nominated to receive the Patients of Courage Award for 2014!!

For more information of this award, click or copy the link below:
-Listen to the podcast for the story behind Cowgirlz Surf:

-Cowgirlz Surf is featured in May 1st 2014 issue of :

-Trish O’Neill of Cowgirlz Surf is a guest on Hopelessly Romantic Radio with Victoria Napolitano 2/14/2014. Click link below to listen:
-Cowgirlz Surf founder featured in The Santa Clara Weekly 1/22/2014

Article featured in Hopelessly Romantic Magazine: