Trish O’Neill on Hopelessly Romantic
Posted on January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Trish O’Neill – Founder of Cowgrilz Surf and Kids Embracing Hope
Trish O’Neill, diagnosed with Cancer and continues her battle with Cancer after six surgeries
Advocate for cancer patients and kids who’s parents have cancer
Nominated for Patient of Courage Award by American Plastic Surgery Association
Trish O’Neill Founder Cowgirlz Surf Brand
Founder Kids Embracing Hope nonprofit organization
Inspirational/motivation Keynote speaker
Keep it real” life coach, after 140 pound weight loss, inspires people one pound at a time
Retired Detective,
19 years Santa Clara County
Single mom, two boys
Cancer is a gift.
Embrace Cancer
(Non published author, in the works )
Volunteers in organizations and charities

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